Angela Isibor Charity Charlotte and Teens

Angela Isibor graduated from Northeastern’s Gordon Institute in 2019 with a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership and her MS in Chemical Engineering. Since graduating, Angela has gained experience in the nanotechnology industry in various roles and even founded a charity organization with a mission to mentor teen girls.

Angela shared that her favorite part of her position as an Associate Global Product Manager is knowing she develops products that make a difference in the world. Covid-19 reminded us of how important it is to pay attention to the air we breathe and knowing that she is part of keeping people safe and healthy by removing fine and ultra fine particles which the respiratory system cannot filter out has been a big win for her.

I am a futurist and big-picture thinker, and I enjoy collaborating with people in a way that makes everyone feel like they have something to offer.

When reflecting on what skills she attributes to her success at her job, Angela said, “I always believe in being authentic. Although still on the self-discovery journey, I can say that being true to myself has been the biggest contributor to my success. I am a futurist and big-picture thinker, and I enjoy collaborating with people in a way that makes everyone feel like they have something to offer. I’m an avid learner, mostly technically oriented and data-driven, but I’m also artistic and I love playing with colors. Thus, being able to bring all these to life has been of great benefit to me. I’ve also been blessed with great mentors who have been instrumental to my success.”

Angela also shared that she feels she developed most of the skills she uses on the job as a student at The Gordon Institute. Understanding how to lead through influence by communicating across disciplines, skills, and cultures, along with project management, project planning and realizing the vision are the most impactful in her job right now.

In her spare time, Angela is passionate about supporting teens in their transition to adulthood. Last year, she founded Charlotte and Teens, a charitable organization with a mission to partner with teenage girls through mentoring, and empower them to recognize how they’ve been uniquely positioned to add value to the world. The goal is to ease the girl’s transition into adulthood and build their confidence to solve societal problems with their peers. Angela’s vision is a future where every girl can contribute and every voice matters.

As a graduate of The Gordon Institute, we asked Angela what advice she would give someone interested in applying. She enthusiastically replied, “Apply, don’t overthink it! Keep your head in the game and work with the Gordon Team and mentors”.

If you feel passionate about Angela’s mission and are interested in becoming involved with Charlotte and Teens and you can connect with her by emailing and learn more by visiting her Youtube channel.