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Invite one of our Leadership professors to host a one-hour virtual or in-person session at your company. The lead lab is a highly interactive activity where employees at all levels come together to explore the leadership domain. We offer two different workshop topics, the Leadership vs. Management Workshop and the Trust Workshop.

Leadership vs. Management Workshop

This exercise aims to facilitate a conversation among your organization about what a leader is and what a leader does. First, we will leverage an interactive framework to find shared values within your organization and inspire team building. Next, our leadership professor will conduct an exploration to discover the differences between leadership and management and what it means to be successful at both.

Leadership Lab framework Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership Northeastern University

Trust Workshop

The workshop will explore how emotionally intelligent leaders create opportunities for team members of all ranks to use their voices. Through storytelling, and by sharing leadership proofs of concept, the workshop will also illustrate how diversity of thought and inclusion optimize teaming. It will further address the “Five Faces of Trust: Forgiveness, Ability, Reliability, Benevolence and Integrity” and how to cultivate trust through communication. Lastly, the workshop will explore ways for team members to hold each other accountable according to team and organizational values.

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These workshop experience serves as an example of the Gordon Institute’s experiential leadership development curriculum. At the end of the program, Gordon Fellows emerge with the confidence, vision, and technical dexterity to drive positive change within their organizations.

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