Tuition and Fees

Rates for tuition and fees are set yearly by the Northeastern University Board of Trustees.

Northeastern University Graduate School tuition rates are charged per semester hour; The Gordon Institute follows the same semester-hour rate as the College of Engineering. Yearly rates can be found in the Northeastern Course Catalogue.

To estimate how many semester-hours will be required for your selected degree program, please refer to the Degree Options page. Students pursuing The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership as a stand-alone graduate certificate will complete 16 semester-hours of coursework.

Funding Opportunities

  • Direct payment to the university on behalf of the Candidate or their organization
  • Tuition reimbursement to Candidate provided by their organization
  • Tuition coverage through CenSSIS Membership
  • Candidates who complete the Challenge Project as part of an internship typically finance their own tuition