Employers who invest in their most promising engineers through the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program will be amply rewarded.

Your chosen employees will emerge from the program with not only a well-executed Challenge Project, but with the capacity to drive innovation within your organization for decades.

The Gordon Institute:

Prepares employees to lead, not leave.  The program increases retention of your most promising talent through a curriculum specifically focused on building a career within your organization.

Accelerates career development.  Upon graduation, your employee will be ready to assume significantly increased responsibilities and will be capable of meeting performance, business, and time-to-market goals equal to those achieved by more experienced engineering leaders.

Allows for customization across engineering disciplines. In addition to cross-functional engineering leadership training, your employee can pursue advanced technical coursework in a variety of engineering disciplines.

Culminates in a market-worthy Challenge Project based on your strategic needs.  The cornerstone of your employee’s educational experience will be an intense individual project in product or process development that will have a quantifiable impact on your organization.

“Forging partnerships with colleges and universities is paramount to fulfilling our mission and responsibilities to the American people.”

Brian Baker, Director, FDA Winchester Engineering & Analytical Center

Host a Lead Lab at Your Company

Invite one of our Leadership professors to host a one-hour virtual or in-person session at your company. The lead lab is a highly interactive activity where employees at all levels come together to explore the leadership domain.
This exercise aims to facilitate a conversation among your organization about what a leader is and what a leader does. First, we will leverage an interactive framework to find shared values within your organization and inspire team building. Next, our leadership professor will conduct an exploration to discover the differences between leadership and management and what it means to be successful at both.

This exercise serves as an example of the Gordon Institute’s experiential leadership development curriculum. At the end of the program, Gordon Fellows emerge with the confidence, vision, and technical dexterity to drive positive change within their organizations.

Leadership Lab framework Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership Northeastern University

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