The Gordon Institute develops engineers to become confident and capable with a broader skillset and a deeper understanding of your company’s position in the market.

Through this program, your engineer(s) will deliver a completed Challenge Project of real value to your organization. A Challenge Project is similar to a master’s thesis but a technical project completed in industry vs. an academic research-based thesis. Visit the Challenge Project page to learn more about the requirements.

Develop Your Current Employees

Many organizations leverage the GIEL curriculum to accelerate the development of their existing employees.GIEL is committed to helping engineers expand their capabilities and opportunities within their current organizations.

Upon completion of the program, more than 88% of the 2022 class reported increased leadership responsibility, while more than 50% of the 2022 class reported being promoted within one year of graduation.

Engage New Talent

With one of the premier engineering schools in the country and a world-renowned cooperative education program, GIEL is perfectly positioned to match our pipeline of prospective students with organizations for a mutually beneficial internship or employment opportunities.

Every year, dozens of bright engineers transition from their current engineering roles and move to the Boston area to pursue a Master’s Degree and Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership offered by The Gordon Institute. These Candidates need to be matched with a company to complete the Challenge Project requirement.

The Process

  • Meet with a GIEL representative to discuss your organization’s interest in the program. Email Admissions Director, Amy Manley, at for more information.
  • Select your Candidate(s) to participate (see selection process ideas) or review available GIEL Candidate(s) and conduct interviews as desired
  • Determine whether your Candidate(s) will pursue the standalone Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership (12-month duration) or integrated Master of Science degree (typically 12- to 24-month duration). Visit the degree page for all degree program options.
  • Work with GIEL during the application and Challenge Project identification process
  • Provide a mentor within the company to support the Candidate during the program

Candidate Time Commitment and Program Cost


Candidates retain their work responsibilities while participating in GIEL; however, some organizations do offer a reduced/adjusted schedule to accommodate GIEL participation and Challenge Project completion.

The Gordon Institute requires candidates to attend class biweekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-8:30 pm. Occasionally special events will be held outside of the class schedule, advanced notice will be given.

GIEL requirements take place over the course of one calendar year (September – July); additional Master of Science coursework can be pursued simultaneously or in subsequent years. During the summer semester (May-July), GIEL Candidates complete their Challenge Project and make their final presentation.

Program Cost

Rates for tuition and fees are set yearly by the Northeastern University Board of Trustees.

Northeastern University Graduate School tuition rates are charged per semester hour, The Gordon Institute follows the same semester-hour rate as the College of Engineering. Yearly rates can be found in the Northeastern Course Catalogue. To estimate how many semester hours will be required for your selected degree program, please refer to the degree options page.

Students secure funding for their tuition in the following ways:

  • Direct payment to the university on behalf of the Candidate or their organization
  • Tuition reimbursement to Candidate provided by their organization
  • Candidates who complete the Challenge Project as part of an internship typically finance their own tuition