The Gordon Institute provides a rigorous program that best serves Candidates with a strong motivation and potential to develop as an engineering leader, an exemplary record of professional and academic performance and experience in the field of engineering

Although all internal selection processes are unique, organizations tend to follow one of three general approaches:

Direct selection

  • Management selects specific employees to participate
  • Often based on history, performance, and potential for advancement

Competitive process

  • Employees are informed about The Gordon Institute
  • Pool is narrowed through application review and interviews
  • A committee selects Candidates for the year

Open participation

  • Employees are informed about The Gordon Institute
  • Qualified employees can participate if approved by supervisor/HR
  • Organization pays direct or through tuition reimbursement


Please be advised that all selected employees must apply for and be granted admission to both the Northeastern Graduate School of Engineering and the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program in order to participate.

GIEL is available to assist with internal selection in a variety of ways. Opportunities include hosting on-site information sessions for interested employees, assisting with the interview process, or creating custom program materials to communicate the organization’s goals in pursuing GEL participation.  Contact Amy Manley at for details.