The Gordon Institute integrates Engineering Leadership with 23 MS Degree Programs

Many Gordon Fellow Candidates pursue the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program as part of a Master of Science degree in the engineering discipline of their choice. For most engineering disciplines, the total number of required semester-hours remains the same when you pursue an MS degree with the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership. Upon completion, students earn both a Master of Science Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership.

Pursuing the 16 semester-hour Graduate Certificate allows participants to:

  • Take part in a hands-on curriculum taught by industry-experienced professors
  • Participate in a flexible hybrid class model allowing candidates to attend weekly classes both in-person or virtually
  • Immerse themselves in a close-knit cohort of peers with technical skills and experience across a variety of engineering fields
  • Receive one-on-one mentoring from industry experts and faculty

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program anchors around an intense, market-worthy Challenge Project based on your organization’s strategic needs. This is a unique opportunity to apply your classroom experience professionally and further accelerate your career.

Students who already have a graduate degree in engineering or at least three years of engineering work experience are eligible to apply for the stand-alone Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership.

For Additional Information on Master of Science Degrees in conjunction with a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership, click on your corresponding program of interest below.

Degree Program Options

Students who are interested in pursuing a Master of Science may combine the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership with any of the degrees found in the Colleges below.