Total Semester Hours Required: 40

Students pursuing the MS in Computer Science with a Graduate Certificate in Technology Leadership must complete 16 semester-hours of required GIEL coursework and 24 semester-hours of required Computer Science coursework.

Please refer to the Computer Science homepage for the most up-to-date course requirements and other program information.

Required GIEL Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 16 Semester Hours of Gordon Engineering Leadership coursework. Please visit the curriculum page for complete course descriptions.

TELR 5121Technology Leadership 12
TELR 5122Technology Leadership 22
TELR 5131Scientific Principles of Technology 12
TELR 5132Scientific Principles of Technology 22
TELR 7440Technology Leadership Challenge Project 14
TELR 7442Technology Leadership Challenge Project 24

Computer Science Core Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 8 semester-hours of Computer Science core coursework.

CS 5010Program Design Paradigm4
CS 5800Algorithms4

Computer Science Breadth Areas

Students must also complete three courses (12 semester-hours) from two of the following breadth areas and one course (4 semester-hours) from the elective course list:

Systems and Software

CS 5400Principles of Programming Language4
CS 5500Foundations of Software Engineering4
CS 5520Mobile Application Development4
CS 5600Computer Systems4
CS 5610Web Development4
CS 5700Fundamentals of Computer Networking4
CS 6410Compilers4
CS 6510Advanced Software Development4
CS 6650Building Scalable Distributed Systems4
CS 6710Wireless Network4

Theory and Security

CS 6760Privacy, Security, and Usability4
CS 7805Complexity Theory4
CS 5770Software Vulnerabilities and Security4
CY 6740Network Security4

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

CS 5100Foundations of Artificial Intelligence4
CS 5150Game Artificial Intelligence4
CS 5200Database Management Systems4
CS 5300Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision4
CS 6120Natural Language Processing4
CS 6140Machine Learning4
CS 6200Information Retrieval4
CS 6220Data Mining Techniques4
CS 6240Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing4
CS 7140Advanced Machine Learning4


Students must complete one course (4 semester-hours) from the elective course list below:

CS 5097Mixed Reality4
CS 5100 to CS 7980*
CS 7990Thesis4
CS 8674Master’s Project4
CS 8982Readings4
CY 5010Foundations of Information Assurance4
CY 5130Computer System Security4
CY 5210Information System Forensics4
DS 5110Introduction to Data Management and Processing4
DS 5230Unsupervised Machine Learning and Data Mining4

*Students may select one course from the CS 5100 to CS 7980 course range to satisfy this degree requirement