Total Semester Hours Required: 32

Students pursuing the MS in Operations Research with Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership must complete 16 semester-hours of required GIEL coursework and 16 semester-hours of Operations Research coursework.

Please refer to the Operations Research homepage for the most up-to-date course requirements and other program information.

Required GIEL Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 16 semester-hours of Gordon Engineering Leadership coursework. Please visit the curriculum page for complete course descriptions.

ENLR 5121Engineering Leadership 12
ENLR 5122Engineering Leadership 22
ENLR 5131Scientific Principles of Engineering 12
ENLR 5132Scientific Principles of Engineering 22
ENLR 7440Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 14
ENLR 7442Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 24

Operations Research Engineering Core Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 4 semester-hours of Operations Research core coursework.

OR 6205Deterministic Operations Research4

All students will also be required to select one course from each category, 12 semester-hours total.

Select One Course

IE 6200Engineering Probability and Statistics4
MATH 7241Probability 14

Select One Course

OR 7230Probabilistic Operations Research4
MATH 7341Probability 24

Select One Course

MATH 7234Optimization and Complexity4
OR 7245Network Analysis and Advanced Optimization4