Total Semester Hours Required: 42-46

Students pursuing the MS in Biotechnology with a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership must complete 16 semester-hours of required GIEL coursework and 26 semester-hours of coursework in their Biotechnology discipline.

Please refer to the Biotechnology homepage for the most up-to-date course requirements and other program information.

Required GIEL Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 16 semester-hours of Gordon Engineering Leadership coursework. Please visit the curriculum page for complete course descriptions.

TELR 5121Technology Leadership 12
TELR 5122Technology Leadership 22
TELR 5131Scientific Foundations of Technology 12
TELR 5132Scientific Foundations of Technology 22
TELR 7440Technology Leadership Challenge Project 14
TELR 7442Technology Leadership Challenge Project 24

Biotechnology Core Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 17 semester-hours of Biotechnology core coursework in the first year of their studdies.

BIOT 5120Foundations in Biotechnology3
BIOT 5219The Biotech Enterprise2
BIOT 5631Cell Culture Processes for Biopharmaceutical Production3
BIOT 5621Protein Principles in Biotechnology3
BIOL 6299Molecular Cell Biology for Biotechnology3
BIOT 6214Experimental Design and Biostatistics2
BIOT 5145Basic Biotech Lab Skills1

Biotechnology Concentration Options

Students will also select 1 of the 11 concentration options below and complete an additional 9 semester-hours of Biotechnology coursework. General Biotechnology, Molecular Biotechnology, Process Sciences, Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Technologies, Biotechnology Enterprise, Agricultural Biotechnology Enterprise, Biodefense, Manufacturing and Quality Operations, Scientific Information Management Concentration, or Biotechnology Regulatory Science.

General Biotechnology

BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3

Molecular Biotechnology

BIOT 5810Cutting-Edge Applications in Molecular Biotechnology3
BIOT 5850Higher Order Structure Analytics3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3

Process Sciences

BIOT 5560Bioprocess Fundamentals3
BIOT 5635Downstream Processess3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3

Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences

CHEM 5550Intro to Glycobiology and Glycoprotein Analytics3
BIOT 6320Quality Management Systems and Validation3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3

Pharmaceutical Technologies

BIOT 5700Molecular Interactions of Proteins in Biopharma Form3
BIOT 5640Drug Product Processes for Biopharma3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3

Biotechnology Enterprise

BIOT 5225Managing and Leading a Biotech Company3
BIOT 5227Launching your Science: Biotechnology Entrepreneurship3

Agricultural Biotechnology

BIOT 6100Agricultural Biotechnology3
BIOT 5810Cutting-Edge Applications in Molecular Biotechnology3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3


BIOT 6600Agents of Bioterrorism3
BIOT 5810Cutting-Edge Application in Molecular Biotechnology4
BIOT 6610Biosecurity and Bioterrorism3
PPUA 6532Building Resilience into Local Government3

Manufacturing and Quality Operations

BIOT 6300Pharmaceutical Microbiology3
BIOT 6340Sterile Manufacturing Operations4
BIOT 6320Quality Management Systems and Validation3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3

Scientific Information Management

Students pursuing the Scientific Information Management concentration must complete INSCH 5301, BIOT 7245, and either DA 5020 or DA 5020 for a total of 11 semester-hours.

INSCH 5301Introduction to Computational Statistics4
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3
DA 5020Collecting, Storing, Retrieving Data4
DA 5030Introduction to Data Mining/Machine Learning4

Biotechnology Regulatory Science

Students pursuing the Biotechnology Regulatory Science concentration must complete BIOT 5500, BIOT 5330, BIOT 7245, and either BIOT 6320 or BIOT 5340 for a total of 12 semester-hours.

BIOT 5500Concepts in Regulatory Science3
BIOT 5330Drug Safety and Immunogenicity3
BIOT 7245Biotechnology Applications Laboratory3
BIOT 6320Quality Mgt Systems and Validation3
BIOT 5340Introduction to Biotherapeutic Approvals3